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Tips for Arranging Flowers

Today, flower arranging allows for more creativity and free flowing designs.  Using variations including containers, flowers, greenery, herbs and even vegetables adding interest and uniqueness to your flower arrangements

Choose the right vase.

The vase you choose should complement the flowers you are using. A tall vase is great for long-stemmed flowers, while a short vase is perfect for a compact arrangement.

Pick the right flowers.

Choose flowers that are in season and complement each other in terms of color and texture. You can also mix in some greenery to add depth and texture to your arrangement.

Cut the stems.

Cut the stems of your flowers at an angle to help them absorb water better. Make sure to remove any leaves that will be below the water line.

Start with focal flowers.

Begin with the focal flowers in the center of the vase and work your way outwards. This will help you create a balanced arrangement.

Don't forget the water.

Make sure to change the water every few days and add flower food to help your arrangement last longer.

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